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Women's work wear has certainly evolved through the years. At times, the change was brought about by the introduction of new fabrics or new technology. Other times, the transition was the result of shifting trends or lifestyle changes. Whatever the cause maybe, women's work wear does not...

Keep the Tradition of Print Alive

Having print media around is slowly but surely becoming obsolete. The idea of magazines and newspapers as "that thing from the past" is scary and saddening at the same time but there's still something we can do...

THE CITY ZIP: Through The Urban Jungle

Traipsing around the metropolis can often seem like a tiring journey. The glacial pace of traffic is a given on most days. But when you match that with errant drivers, pockmarked roads, and the unpredictable weather, then you've got a recipe for disaster...

When in Maginhawa

A lot has been written about Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. The once ordinary suburban stretch of residences, with only a handful of typical neighborhood conveniences, has seen major developments over the past couple of years. Here are a few (among the many!) worth checking out.


Ready, set, shop! The KATRE SALE has officially landed in store and online.


Cat Juan Ledesma was already into all things local before it even became fashionable. Her blog, CatJuan.com, featured entry upon entry of wonderful, beautiful things made by local craftsmen and artisans, which she uncovered and discovered through her own initiative.


SAVE THE DATES! We are opening the Katre Living Room to everyone—no appointments necessary. How fun is that? Can't wait to meet all of you!...

The Medium is the Message: L&C Saville

The case for the messenger bag has only increased in recent years. While most men prefer to travel light, carrying only themselves and their billfolds in the pursuit of both work and play, their continuing fascination with gadgets necessitates a suitable carrier for all things they hold dear. As...

It's All in the Details: Men’s Accessories

Clothes make a man but the right accessories complete him. Nothing is more disappointing, for example, than a man wearing an impeccably tailored suit flipping out a wallet with velcro closure. The only thing that comes close perhaps is a dude with a tacky souvenir keychain – or maybe not.

Suzi Abrera: Oh, The Places She'll Go!

Suzi Abrera has always had a fascination for travel. When she was younger, she remembers going on road trips with her family and chilling out on a beach somewhere. She fondly recalls the family dynamics that usually brought on their adventures. She says, “It's my Dad who wants to go somewhere...