How to organize bits and pieces

How to organize bits and pieces

There is no doubt that we need a semblance of organization in our lives. Otherwise, we would take much longer to do tasks and chaos would take over.

I am not the most organized person in the world. But maybe that’s what makes me qualified to write about it. Because I know the areas of my life that need to be put in order.

Being a Katre insider puts everything in perspective—and in place. Built around the idea that an organized life equals productivity, Katre has designed items specifically for each our needs so rummaging your entire bag would be a thing of the past saving you hours in the long run.


Gadget pouch. I have one for all of my wired devices: the better not to get them tangled with each other—and be stuck in the web trying to fish them out of my bag. It is just so much easier to have my chargers/connectors in one place, especially when I need to juice up my phone. I keep even my earphones there, just in case I need it when a call comes in.

Toiletry bag. When I was in grade school, they called this our “vanity kit”. I have a nice one with a small mirror built in. I find it very handy for when I need to swipe on some lip gloss or lipstick while I’m in the bus or jeepney. I have all my cosmetics there, my cologne, my small tube of lotion and hand cream, also, my toothbrush and toothpaste. When I travel, I use a different bag—one that has small compartments and a hook built in.

Pen case. I thought I left the use of this behind after graduating from university. But when you have a lot of stuff, I’ve learned, the folds just tend to swallow up smaller pieces. So, to avoid embarrassment and inconvenience, I have one that contains my pens, highlighter, and an eraser. Sometimes, I’ll stick a piece or two of gum in there too.


Passport sleeve. Whether you’re a voracious traveler or not, you absolutely need one to organize not only your passport but also the little things you need while at the airport. There’s your ticket, boarding pass, credit card, and mileage card. It is so inconvenient to have to pile them all on top of your bag as they go through the x-ray machine or have to clutch each item while you’re waiting to board.


Book bag. I have a few books loaded into my device, but I still adore the smell and feel of an actual book. I like the way my fingers slide down the cover and I like tracing some of the letters in the covers sometimes. But I am, as mentioned above, a little disorganized, and my heart hurts a little whenever I fish a book from my bag and the cover is folded or the pages get crumpled. So I have a book bag that keeps my latest novel intact—with a nice leather bookmark inside, of course!


Laundry bag. One of two enduring pieces of packing advice from my mom: always have a bag for your dirty clothes. Yes, she never failed to bring one for each of us when we traveled. Now that I’m older and have traveled a lot, I realize the wisdom behind it. After getting home exhausted, you don’t want to be assaulted by the sight (and smell) of dirty clothes when you start unpacking!


By Mari-An Santos