The Medium is the Message: L&C Saville

The Medium is the Message: L&C Saville

The case for the messenger bag has only increased in recent years. While most men prefer to travel light, carrying only themselves and their billfolds in the pursuit of both work and play, their continuing fascination with gadgets necessitates a suitable carrier for all things they hold dear. As luck would have it, these “things” have grown increasingly in number, depending on a guy's level of geekiness.



Most are happy enough with just their cellphones, albeit the latest possible model. But there are a growing many who would feel absolutely naked without their tablets, laptops, speakers, or headphones in tow. These, of course, necessitates the carrying of the appropriate power banks and cables along. Up the geekiness factor, and you'd have dudes who must have their smart watches, power pens, and various other forms of gadgetry with them.



The receptable for all these thingamajigs must necessarily be as durably functional as it is classically hip. Not only must it have enough room for your gadgets and documents, it must also have pockets to bring some organization in your everyday routine. Leather seems the most appropriate material for such a man bag. Not only is it durable, leather instantly signals quality and sophistication, giving props to the person carrying it. Plus, leather blends surprisingly well in most environments, be it a conference room in corporate center or some hipster coffee bar in the city.



Lee & Chase Essentiels by Katre is committed to producing finely crafted, high quality leather accessories for men. Its selection includes an assortment of high-performing everyday bags, from duffel bags to messenger bags, as well as practical accessories like envelopes, wallets, and keychain holders.



The Saville Messenger Bag is made from calf leather, which could withstand the rigors of a busy man's schedule while looking perfectly elegant in most everyday settings. Its straightforward exterior conceals an interior full of functionality and design features including a cotton mix lining, five slip pockets, and enough space for a man's urban arsenal. A magnetic fastening automatically secures it shut while a front pocket and a zippered back pocket give more room for storage. Its cotton-and-leather crossbody strap make it a comfort to carry. As a fine finish, the Saville Messenger Bag comes with a matching luggage tag.


Comes in Dark Caramel, Hunter, Midnight, Raven. SHOP LEE ET CHASE HERE.