Summer Work Wear

Summer Work Wear

It's still too hot, hot, hot! For working women who have to dress up every day in suits and skirts, the oppressive heat can be quite a challenge when it comes to dressing options. How can one put on a suit jacket, for instance, when the temperature's way up the scales?


Kat Erro, a former stylist and Founder/Designer of Katre, says, “Go light on the layers. Before summer my work uniform consisted of a knit top, a scarf, and either a pair of structured trousers or a pencil skirt. On top of that I put on a suit jacket for most meetings. The past months though consisted of cotton-mix tops, relaxed fit pants/flowy skirt, and open-toed heels. My go-to suit jacket these days is one that has no lining and has a straight silhouette—sometimes without sleeves. A cardigan is also good. Nothing that hugs the body at least but at the workplace we have to look like we mean business. All the time!”


Eva Manalo, an HR practitioner at a multinational company, says, “With the birth of different types of workplaces and mostly with lenient dress codes, staying comfortable in this heat does not only mean sneakers or ballet flats, you can also opt for heels in the height that is most easy on the feet and legs. There are lots of options out there. Find the brand that suits you and stick to it. Let’s face it, we still all look and feel our best in the right footwear. Flat sandals and flipflops are a definite no-no at the traditional workplace. Dressing up for the office is a big part of how your co-workers perceive you. Might as well do it right.”


Dia Lacaba, the Head of International Business Development at Human Heart Nature, says dresses are her fool-proof essentials. “I wear them to work 80 percent of the time. It saves me time because I don’t have to think too much about mixing and matching tops and bottoms.”

This summer, Dia wears pieces with lighter materials like silk, chiffon, cotton, and rayon, and bare a bit more skin. “I also like adding more tropical prints and pops of bright colors in my summer rotation. I carry a light jacket or cardigan to wear over it just in case it gets cold at the venue where I am at.”


Kat stresses out the importance of not relying too much on social media to dictate what you should or should not wear. “Everyone is trying to look like Kendall Jenner. The method of copying simply wipes away one’s true identity. Take inspiration from fashionistas but there is no point in copying. If you’re not the same body type as Victoria Beckham chances are the same clothes will look different on you. Dressing up is all about the right proportion. Learn yours. Try on different things and see what works. If you’ve worn an outfit that makes you feel extremely great, stick to the formula. It may be a loose top plus a pair of tapered trousers or a fitted top with wide pants. Take note of compliments, too.”


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