It's fascinating how the mere mention of the island province of Siquijor could send shivers down a traveler's spine. Tales of witches and healers are the stuff of everyday among its common folk. The province even has an annual healing festival at Bandilaan Mountain View Park, the island...

6 Ways to REALLY enjoy Baguio City

Baguio has always been a favorite summer destination especially among Metro Manila residents. The completion of the TPLEX and SCTEX made it even more accessible, so it’s now faster to go there even on weekends.

A Portobello Summer

It's the season for dialing down, wandering about town, and enjoying the sunshiny weather. With clear skies and absolutely no chance of rain, it is the perfect time to walk down the cobbled streets of heritage destinations like the town of Vigan in Ilocos or Las Casas de Acuzar in Bataan,...

Some Kind of Wonderful is El Nido

We are extremely fortunate in that anywhere we maybe in the country, the beach is but a few hours away. The folks of El Nido, however, are not merely fortunate, they are infinitely blessed. White sand beaches and limestone cliffs are the stuff of ordinary to them. But to visitors who have but a few...

Places to Unplug

Sometimes, the antidote to the busy and frenetic city life is simple: to get away for a weekend (or a three-day weekend) and recharge with nature. But where do you begin?