We’re making a list and checking it thrice, doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or nice.

Let us help you impress the VIPs in your world with our perfect presents! At this year’s gift guide, we covered  everything from our latest It Bags, organizers, fancy accessories, including gift ideas for the big boss. Because we know how challenging that can get, and we’re not just talking work-wise but the girl and guy bosses in your sphere (Hi Mom and MIL!). What better way to present it than pairing our goods with well-known celebs who, in our opinion, would love receiving these carefully curated gifts. Enjoy perusing the site for the stars in your life, and that includes YOU!



Made for your Victoria Beckham

The minimalist, clean lines combined with the not-so-basic shape of the Baby Boite was designed with the chic woman in mind. It’s versatile, roomy and light enough to be lugged to the office, a weekend getaway or brunch with the girls; because like Vicky, we know women are getting busier and busier everyday and need a bag that can keep up with their hectic lives, all while acing the style game. Another cool function: the Boite can be a toy container on the go for all your kids’ small trinkets, as the structured design will keep the toys safe and intact. What’s not to love about the Baby Boite? We’re so sure Mrs. Beckham would agree.

FOR THE TECH-SAVVY DAD iPhone Case with his monogram, of course!

Made for your Mark Zuckerberg

Most dads are gadget freaks—especially the Gen Z ones plus those that follow—and need a cellphone case that’s sleek, sophisticated and sturdy. Our leather cases are all that and more. He can take it to the boardroom with confidence, monogrammed if he wishes for a personalized touch and impress the colleagues simultaneously; goes well for casual days too with his preppy or sporty ensembles. It’s quite the billionaire accessory, if we may say so ourselves. Is it Mark-approved? We think so!  

FOR THE O.C. HUBBY 4-Key Holder

Made for your Steve Carell

Husbands usually carry more than one key in their pockets/man purse but the O.C. one would want it organized in one nifty holder sans the bulky key chains and whatnot. Enter our snazzy 4-key holder in various shades of premium leather that he will surely appreciate getting in his Santa sock. It’s compact, lightweight and fits perfectly in a pant or shirt pocket, even in the palm of his hand. No more “I can’t find my keys” arguments, moving forward!

FOR SISTER DEAREST Double Sloane Wristlet (Waitlist here: 0916.6052207)

Made for your Mary-Kate Olsen

Your big (or little) sis would love our stylish Double Sloane Wristlet to bring on all her holiday and New Year shindigs. The hands free purse can house all her essentials, including a duo of powder and lipstick for touching up! It goes so well with any kind of #ootd---be it a floral dress, color block ensemble or all black head-to-toe, as MK likes it. She will thank you profusely and maybe, even take you to one of her grown-up events as her date to show appreciation. How cool is that?!


Made for your Rafa Nadal

Big bro loves to work-out? He’ll need a toiletry case to keep his bathroom essentials organized for the shower room, or even when he travels out of town and prefers to bring his own manly beauty products. The size is small enough to fit the regulated airport size containers and he can easily slip them on his carry-on, should he need to freshen up before landing. Another function for this sleek pouch? It makes for a cool medicine case, too! It can house his supplements, vitamins, first aid kit and whatever else men need to survive, all in one very stylish kit.

FOR YOUR BFF Small Leather Envelope

Made for your Veronica Lodge

Your closest girlfriend deserves only the best, so why not gift her with our Leather Envelope that’s as fabulous as she is to keep her receipts, credit cards, cash or even a small touch up kit for Christmas? Fashioned after a traditional paper envelope, our version is sturdy with several finishes and colors to fit her personality and ages well with every use. So instead of the usual zipper pouch that does little to excite, opt for this chic envelope instead; she is so worth it! Definitely Betty’s choice for Ronnie.


Made for your Eva Chen

It’s always a special treat when you get along grandly with your boss: it makes going to work something to look forward to, and learning from the best while having fun is a bonus in itself. More often than not, hardworking superiors spend hours in front of a screen and glasses are like an extended body part they can’t do without. Why not make it fun and easier for her (or him) to carry their specs and protect it in their bags, while keeping things stylish with our leather eyeglass case? The easily accessible design is fuss free and the firm material won’t deform, keeping expensive specs in one piece. Might get you closer to that promotion you’ve been eyeing next year, know what we mean? Wink wink.


Made for your Emma Stone

Nothing makes going to work more bearable than having someone on your side when the going gets tough, or simply bounce ideas off with or venting about your love life in between bites at lunch. Fancify your office bestie’s bag with one of our fashionable studded straps as a thank you for all the times she lent her shoulder to cry on. You can choose her favorite color or go neutral so she can wear it with her many totes and purses. The options are endless, just like her patience. Make it worth it.

FOR YOUR FAVORITE TITA Mini Piccadilly oat

Made for your Oprah Winfrey

She’s practically your second mom, the person you run to for advice in life and love, the one who tolerates your obsession for shopping and make-up (even joining in the fun). It’s just proper to gift her with something as special as she is! The Mini Picadilly is a timeless design made for the discerning shopper, a woman who is strong, secure in her skin and serene in the face of stress. She is generous with her time and love and accepts you wholeheartedly. Who knows? One day, she might even pass it on to you. As Oprah would say it, “You get one! And you get one!”


Made for the Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson in your life

There are people that simple enjoy the same interests and if gallivanting the world is top of your favorite couple’s list, our Travel Organizer is the perfect present for them. It keeps all their documents in order, it’s easy to find in the bag and made of strong and sturdy leather to last until their passports need changing—even way after! Comes in his and hers color ways so there’s no confusion, plus they’ll always remember you in every trip. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving, no?

While all of the goodies above are a perfect fit for these fine folks, don’t discount the idea that you can gift them for yourself, too. After all, self-love whether in cash or kind, is always in fashion and should forever be top priority. Find all the items here!

Happy shopping!



All images of the celebrities are from the World Wide Web