Keep the Tradition of Print Alive

Keep the Tradition of Print Alive

You can’t deny it: technology takes up a lot of our time these days. All throughout the day, we’re posting on social media, checking email, updating our calendar with important dates, catching up on news, and reading magazines on our nifty gadgets. And why not? These mini computers are mobile and handy. Instead of carrying around 10 print magazines to read—which can get heavy—you can just tap an app on your phone and have your favorite magazines at your fingertips, weighing less than a pound.

But we love print. (We’re purists that way.) We love how it feels as we turn the actual pages of a magazine or a book. And nothing beats seeing a magazine cover up close, not through a screen. Digital covers are just groups of pixels; you can’t arrange them on your bookshelf at home or in the office.  

That’s why we’re always saddened when print magazines close shop and turn digital. Printing words and images on paper, just like creating leather crafts, is part of thousands of years of tradition. Help us keep the print culture alive. Here are five things we can do:

1. Visit libraries. A trip to the library isn’t just about reading books and magazines. It’s an exciting experience to look through shelves and shelves of titles and discovering new ones. Metro Manila has several cool libraries you can check out. Try these: The National Library of the Philippines (where entrance is free) in Ermita, the Filipinas Heritage Library in Makati, the Quezon City Public Library, Alliance Francaise de Manille’s local library and the Goethe-Institut Manila library, both in Makati.

2. Print your photos. Think of it as a kind of rebellion against the digital age. We bet you have thousands of photos in your phone or laptop. How many of those have you printed out and framed to display on your walls and desk? Pick two or three precious snapshots for that purpose. It will brighten up your day; and you won’t have to scroll through digital albums just to find them.

3. Patronize places that put a premium on print books and magazines. If you’re meeting friends at a café, pick one that likes its print. For example, Book and Borders Café in Taguig and Quezon City lets you read their collection of books as you sip your latte. Plaza Café in Makati has books on its many shelves; you can leaf through one as you nibble on your grilled cheese.

4. Start the print tradition early. If you’re a parent, get your kids interested in print early on. Read storybooks with them at bedtime. Get them used to the smell and the feel of paper in their hands. Once they develop the love of reading words printed on real paper, bound in pages, they’ll never lose it.

5. Write love letters (on paper!)…and give them to your significant other. Call us sentimental and cheesy. But don’t you feel a jump in your veins whenever you receive something written to you in your beloved’s handwriting? We do, too. Email just doesn’t cut it romantically. So take a sheet of paper, get those “XOXOs” running, and seal it with a kiss.