‘Tis the year to level up your OOTD game!

‘Tis the year to level up your OOTD game!

Hello, 2019 and hello, style revamp. A new year breeds resolutions, promises of hope and wanting to make the world a better place. We say you do the same for your wardrobe and live a little (or a lot) depending on how brave you are to welcome change---sartorially speaking, that is. Here at Katre, we love seeing how our customers style their bags according to their personal aesthetic; no two photos are ever alike and that’s exactly how we prefer it. Now that we’re off to begin a new chapter in a brand new year, we bring you new ways to wear your Katre and here’s hoping you’ll be able to assimilate one or two looks in the coming months. Nothing is better than a fresh start, whether it’s a new job, relationship or fashion outlook; after all, the first impression always sticks so why not make it something to remember? Yes? Yes!

The Bumbag isn’t your usual street wear staple. It’s hardly just casual to begin with: the leather is rich, supple and soft, the shape nicely minimalist and was designed with the picky dresser in mind. Wear it dressy with a structured top and tulle skirt for the ultimate contrast while being the coolest chick in the room. This look is way more interesting than just a t-shirt and jeans, no?

The Double Sloane Wristlet veers on the simple side so by all means, dress it up with gusto! The smooth leather looks divine against textured pieces like faux fur, silk or velvet and it can even sub for your beaded clutch on cocktail events. It’s fun to play the high and low fashion strategy with this keeper.

The Mini Piccadilly is quite serious in stature so you can either go full-on corporate chic or temper the structured shape with more feminine styling like florals and pastels. Fashion is all about contrast so enjoy pairing the boxy with softer, whimsical pieces to avoid being too literal, a.k.a boring.

The Phone Envelope a.k.a. mobile sling is already a statement in itself and pairing it with classic denims makes it even more chic. The chain and leather strap gives off a French flair that works splendidly with an LBD or an all-denim ensemble; better yet, why not dress sporty head to toe and rev it up with this snazzy accessory.

The Baker Tote is simple but packs a mean fashion punch. Wearing it with utilitarian pieces is a cool way to highlight the bag without being predictable. Another unique way to style this classic is going preppy all the way save for footwear: the more daring the sneaker/boot/sandal/heel, the better!

The Mini Mini Boite in all its circular glory is a fan favorite for the look and versatility. Don’t discount the small size, it is actually quite roomy and can house the essentials, including your favorite cookie! Wear it as a travel companion over utilitarian layers or with an airy sundress or even with a cocktail dress! We reckon it would go amazingly with a bikini this summer, and can transcend to cocktail hour once the sun sets. Winner!


Photography KURT ALVAREZ