Why The Hanover Petit Is The Official Bag of Power Women

Why The Hanover Petit Is The Official Bag of Power Women

“Serious” bags often evoke an image of a Power Woman, she could be a CEO of a company, boss of her own startup, head of a foundation or philanthropist extraordinaire who manages her family’s funds for the better good. There’s something about a well-made, no-nonsense leather bag that demands the same respect as the woman who carries it, and dare we say, the Hanover Petit is such an accessory. But what if it’s more than just a bag for the conservative set? What if it’s actually cool to style it ironically sans the two-piece suit and sensible heels? Well, we did our research online of ladies we admire and created scenarios wherein they can tote the Hanover petit with pride, even outside the boardroom slash corner office. After all, a bag as reliable as this deserves to be owned by all sorts of powerful females, whether she’s a girl boss at work or at home.


It’s sturdy… and ideal for a First Lady


Made of 100% calf leather and lined with heavy-duty cotton, this no-nonsense bag can withstand the test of time, wear and tear of daily use, and even erratic weather conditions. Think of it as a your most reliable friend and confidant, someone who won’t let you down even if life throws you curveballs and makes you look good without trying. We imagine former first lady Michelle Obama rocking the Hanover Petit in several engagements, perfectly suiting her polished, albeit now more adventurous style, since leaving the White House. Any which way, it works!


Designed to carry your whole life


Nobody is probably photographed on the go more often than Angelina Jolie, who is eighty percent shot at the airport with one of her six kids in tow, and always with a sleek leather handbag on her arm.  She obviously has her essentials in them: probably an iPad, snacks, a change of clothes, shoes, travel documents and so much more. The Hanover Petit stands up to the challenge and looks amazing while doing so, an ideal purse to match Angie’s classic and chic ensembles as well as yours.


Best travel companion whether you’re Posh Spice or not


If you’re a frequent flyer like Victoria Beckham, you would greatly appreciate the Hanover for its expandable sides, extra long strap for hands free convenience, matching leather pocket for the small items and the very roomy interior. Busy women on the go want a bag that can keep up and look handsome enough to brandish at the airport lounge and lay by her business class seat, not to mention match with every outfit she packed. We’re a hundred percent sure VB would approve.


Works hard from sunup to after hours


Women wear many hats: mom, wife, entrepreneur, award-winning actress, CEO…so a bag that’s a dynamo in and out of the office from nine to five is in order. Actress Reese Witherspoon is hardly seen without a perfectly styled look, down to her handbag and cellphone in hand, when out and about in LA. We bet she expects the same commitment from her bags, taking her from the gym, to shopping, to dinner with her girlfriends, and up to the weekend spent with her family. The Hanover Petit can be your local version and while you’re at it, cop her cheerful #ootds that’s perfect for our tropical weather!


Pairs well with any sartorial identity, including casual shorts and a tee


The Hanover Petit may look like a serious, for-the-boardroom-only bag but imagine it being toted by superstar Taylor Swift in her many iterations of feminine looks and you instantly have a change of heart. The clean lines, lack of blatant branding and quiet elegance make it a versatile styling piece for almost every fashion trend out there today---even we dare say, the blazer and bike shorts combo that all the It Girls love to sport. How’s that for cool factor?


WORDS Anne Belle Arguelles